Our Afghan Hounds


An ancient breed of sighthound, Afghans are gentle and loving, often aloof, and always a clown in king’s clothing. They’re our favorite breed. Lots of grooming, but a real spectacle when in motion.


Not just a dog, it’s a lifestyle

In Memoriam...Chloe
Divali Cloche Encounter

Gary’s first puppy, and star of stage and screen!
Her portfolio...Chloe_Portfolio.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
In Memoriam...

Divali Derby Winner

Chloe’s brother, and our show boy...  Oh, how we miss him.

Music: Bill Ricchini, A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door

Rescued in 2007 from a dismal situation in a puppy mill. He’s still all puppy—a huge bundle of energy and fun!
Dog Ears

Well, that’s one way to look like your hound.