Amplifier Packaging


My other hobbies are woodworking and metalworking, so this project’s chassis combines those elements. Parts for the enclosure are 6061-T6 aluminum sheet and bar stock. A bit of CAD drawing helped a great deal because things are packed pretty tight in three dimensions. Everything was fabricated on my Chinese drill-mill, so tolerance nice and tight. Overall dimensions of the box are 12 x 12 x 5.5 inches.

Aluminum and Wood

Heatsinks cover both sides of the chassis. I found a 12-inch square extrusion on ebay. It had some holes in it, but otherwise it was a great deal. Top and bottom edges are chamfered and rounded. They look just like my Rowland Model 5 heatsinks...

Everything went to my local anodizing shop. Only about $80 for a bucket of parts. Heatsinks had to be stripped first since they were partially anodized already.

Knobs are Gabon Ebony with hubs turned from aluminum. Shafts are 1/4” bronze. Using long shafts allows me to put the pots by the electronics, thus reducing wire lengths.

Here is assembly work in progress. Most of the wiring is under the chassis plate for a clean look.

The front panel is figured Bubinga. My good woodworking friend, Bruce Woods, gave me this material. Sadly, he passed away shortly after I took this photo of him. I miss him very much.

Labels were laser-etched at a local trophy shop.

Power amplifier boards bolt to the heatsinks. Silpad K-10 (6 mil) material is under the MOSFETS and heavy bars create uniform pressure, no matter what. There are NO thermal issues.